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Stop building lists.
Start building relationships.

As a nonprofit executive, I spent years trying to figure out the best ways to build genuine relationships and reach our goals. New campaign strategies, social media tools: I was always trying to find that secret ingredient – the one thing that would magically inspire people to take action. To donate. To show up.

That magical thing I was looking for? Turns out we were already doing it. It’s called organizing.

But limited resources, fixed budgets, and piles of scary spreadsheets weren’t helping us organize, and neither was our tech. I wanted to build relationships, not lists.

NationBuilder’s community organizing system provides everything you need to engage your community, manage campaigns, identify new leaders, and increase the breadth and depth of your donor base. It’s a sustainable infrastructure that connects your online space with your on-the-ground actions, so you can get out there and make things happen.

Hilary Doe, VP of Strategy

International development
GenUN is an action-oriented platform designed to empower a new generation of Americans to be leaders in helping the United Nations build a better world.
ServiceNation is building a movement to change our culture and influence our politics so that a year of national service becomes a common expectation and common opportunity for young Americans.
Community service

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