PCI compliance

NationBuilder does not store credit card numbers. When a person donates to your nation, purchases event tickets, or pays an invoice, he may provide a credit card number (and related information) as part of his payment details. This information is securely collected on an HTTPS-secured screen. We immediately connect and retransmit the credit card data to your payment processor and rely on that provider to authorize and charge the credit card. While we may retain the last four digits of the card and the billing address, we do not store the full card number nor the CVV code.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) developed regulations to ensure credit card processing security. NationBuilder only uses PCI-compliant payment processors to process credit card transactions. Rest assured, the payment processors and every other entity involved in a credit card transaction in your nation meets or exceeds PCI data security standards. Currently, NationBuilder uses SHA-256 encryption and Verisign G5.

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