May 16, 2011
Contact: Adriel Hampton, Chief Organizer, NationBuilder

NationBuilder Launches Free Campaign Access
to Nationwide Voter File Data

Partnership with Political FORCE Disrupts Political Establishment

SAN FRANCISCO - May 16, 2011 - NationBuilder, fresh off significant electoral wins for early political clients, today announced full integration of the nationwide voter file into its offerings - as a free data add-on. Political FORCE, a political data management platform, will provide campaigns with their local voter files and help candidates integrate new data into their NationBuilder database at no charge. (Start a NationBuilder trial and request voter data for your database now.)

“Not only are we democratizing the tools for running and winning grassroots campaigns against well-funded establishment candidates,” said Jim Gilliam, Founder of NationBuilder. “Now we are also democratizing the voter data to create a game-changing, nonpartisan platform for political change. The voter file was meant to be free.”

Until now, campaigns had limited options for creating an actionable voter database for analysis and voter outreach, including large partisan organizations like Voter Vault or NGP VAN, and smaller vendors with primitive software options. Voter databases typically cost in the thousands of dollars for even regional elections. “You shouldn’t need permission from a party to run for office, or have to spend thousands of dollars just to get in the door,” said Gilliam. “This is a democracy, and the tools and data necessary for a functioning democracy should be available to everyone. That’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with Political FORCE and how it will change the political landscape in the U.S.”

NationBuilder, a nonpartisan software-as-a-service cloud offering for campaigns, small businesses, causes and NGOs to organize and integrate their on- and offline supporters, launched to the public in April and its early alpha clients have already racked up big wins. Last week, the Scottish National Party won its most significant victory since its inception 70 years ago, crediting in large part its ability to quickly identify and interact with supporters and prospects across social media channels with NationBuilder. In South Orange New Jersey, 23-year-old independent Alex Torpey also last week won his race for village president using NationBuilder to organize his volunteers and supporters.

“This partnership disrupts the status quo, creating a nonpartisan platform developed by veteran progressive activists and Republican campaign operatives that truly democratizes the politics of campaigns and elections,” said Political FORCE co-founder Taylor Landin. “We are leveraging cutting edge social media organizing tools with the best political data available, and offering it at an affordable price to change the way campaigns are run and have a major impact on who wins elections going forward. It’s never been done before where you offer data as a service to political campaigns. You bought on a per record basis, or you did it yourself.”

Political FORCE offers a robust data analysis platform for campaigns, and is offering full access to its file of 182 million registered voters as a free service to all NationBuilder subscribers, in compliance with applicable laws limiting access to authorized entities for political purposes. Starting immediately, candidates can sign up for NationBuilder with full, free access to their voter data at

About NationBuilder

NationBuilder is the essential toolkit for a new generation of leaders and creators. It is a product of 3dna, founded by Jim Gilliam in 2008 to build internet tools to shake up a broken political system. Gilliam is a veteran progressive activist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films. More info at

About Political FORCE

Political FORCE was launched in January 2011 by Jeff Mason and Taylor Landin, who formerly worked together on targeting and voter contact for the Republican National Committee, and Stephan Jenkins, a database expert with TeraData, with the goal of building the best political database ever created and making it available to campaigns of any size and budget.

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