How to refund a donation

You can refund transactions from your control panel if you are using, Paypal Payflow Pro, SagePay, eWay, or Stripe.

1. To refund a donation go to the donor's personal profile. 

2. Go to Finances > Donations and locate the donation you want to refund. 

Finances > donations

3. Click on Edit icon next to the donation.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Refund donation" button.

Refund donation

When you click the button, NationBuilder asks the processor to refund the full amount of the transaction. The transaction ID confirms which transaction needs to be refunded. When the refund is successful, a 'canceled at' date is added to the payment transaction. The 'canceled_at' field of a donation is the date it was refunded.

Refunds outside of the control panel

Sometimes refunds are not possible from your control panel. You cannot process a refund from the control panel if:

1. The donation was processed using Democracy Engine or PayPal Express Checkout.

2. You want to provide a partial refund rather than a complete refund.

3. A transaction ID is not associated with the donation. A successful donation processed by, Paypal Payflow Pro, SagePay, eWay, or Stripe should always have a transaction ID. If the transaction ID is missing, it could be the result of a connection issue between NationBuilder and your payment processor.

Contact your payment processor to refund a donation if you do not see a "Refund donation" button in the settings section of a donation. Any refund submitted directly on a payment processor will not automatically reflect in your control panel. Reach out to your community strategist or, as we can help resolve this conflict.

Making partial refunds

From your control panel, it is only possible to refund a transaction in its whole amount. You can refund transactions and provide partial refunds by logging into your payment processor's website. Each payment processor has instructions on how to do a full or partial refund. Additionally, you can contact the payment processor customer support for guidance. When you complete a refund on your payment processor's website, the record of the donation will not be updated in your control panel.  

When you delete the transaction or adjust the amount in the case of an offline contribution, you can leave a note.

Note on donations