NationBuilder Theme Sync for Mac BETA

The Mac OS X application to help theme developers work locally

Getting started

1. When you first open the application, click Add a nation and enter your nation slug.
2. Next, you will be prompted to sign in to your nation.
3. After successfully signing in, the app will list the themes and sites associated with the nation. You can pick one to download to work on locally.
4. You will then need to choose where to download the theme to. Pick a location and the theme will be downloaded into its own folder there.

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Now What?

You can now go about editing your theme in your editor of choice. NationBuilder Theme Sync for Mac will automatically upload any changes you make locally to your nation.

If you are collaborating with others, syncing the local folders generated by Theme Sync with Dropbox works well.

This is a beta application and we are always looking to improve so let us know what you think by completing the in app survey.

Your permission set must include API access and the ability to sign into apps to use Theme Sync. Please contact your nation administrator if you see the error message "You do not have permissions to use this app."

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