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eFundraising Connections is a payment processor built to make campaign fundraising easy, secure, mobile and with compliance in mind. eFundraising Connections provides a mobile card swiper that works on both iOS and Android and allows you to accept direct ACH transfers. It also provides weekly reports to stay on target with your fundraising goals. Now integrated with NationBuilder's donation API, eFundraising Connections syncs your donor data back to your nation so you can easily track the efficacy of your donor outreach program.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Start by registering for a new account. Once you've done this you will be sent access information for your eFundraising Connections account. From here, select Account from the top navigation menu and scroll down to NationBuilder Integration and enter your nation slug. You will be redirected to your nation to login and authenticate your account. Please note that this is also where you will enter the email addresses you would like to receive notifications when someone donates, where to receive weekly reports, setup your integration with reporting software, disclaimers, etc.


Step 2: Next, navigate to Campaigns in the top navigation and select 'Add a new campaign'. Enter the details of the campaign and select Submit. 


Step 3: Now you will want to make your eFundraising Connections donation page show up as a donation button on your NationBuilder website. You can do this by using our redirect page-type. Copy the eFundraising Connections URL and then navigate to your nation's control panel. Select Website > select the site you want the donation page to appear on > + New Page > choose Redirect as your page > Create Page. Paste the URL for your donation page here and save. Now your donation page will appear where you selected it to appear from the redirect page settings. 


Step 4: That's it. Now when someone visits your donation page in the nation they will be directed to your eFundraising Connections page. All donations made through that page will flow straight into your nation and also show in your eFundraising Connections control panel. This includes donations taken via mobile devices.

Learn more about the integration by visiting our app directory.

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