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AllSaints engages customers by thinking like a candidate

How a sophisticated understanding of its audience helped the fashion brand boost sales as it expanded around the world in 2016.

Though many brands strive to court “ambassadors” or “evangelists,” few are able to think of their audience as constituents. AllSaints CEO William Kim is a leader who isn’t afraid to be the first, and he aims to understand, listen to, and respect his customer. 

In that sense, it seems fitting that AllSaints would be among the most visible brands to use a tool like NationBuilder to build relationships and target those relationships based on personalized information such as purchasing history, social-media engagement, location, and influence.

Employing strategies like appending social data to emails with NationBuilder Match has allowed the brand to better understand what their customers care about, and that understanding has proven critical to their success.

In 2016 AllSaints saw sales increase 9%, with over 20 successful store openings all over the world, including North America, South Korea, and Taiwan, along with debut stores in the Middle East and Japan.

Images courtesy of AllSaints
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