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commented on #EverydayLeaders
Name: Jamie Taratoot

City: Chicago, IL

Why her leadership matters to me:

Jamie is one of my closest, oldest, and dearest friends. She’s a mother of two who moved with her family to Chicago at the beginning of 2020, and when the pandemic hit she and her husband found themselves raising a baby and a toddler in lockdown in a not-yet-familiar city. One of the ways she channeled her anxious energy (which we’re’ all dealing with in our own ways) was to dive into helping her local community through participating in and organizing donation drives for those in need. The link below is an Instagram post about a clothing drive at which Jamie and her neighbors sourced and distributed items like winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves to help families get through this uncertain winter. I’m inspired by her example and send her all the love and thanks!

posted 2020-11-30 11:34:13 -0800