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Since Jim’s announcement on Wednesday, we’ve received so much love and support from the NationBuilder community. We’re incredibly grateful.

More than any other time in my life, these past seven months proved that nothing is possible without community. I think it reminded all of us at NationBuilder who we are and what we stand for. I know it reminded me.

When Jim and I met it was clear we were both obsessed with building community. We talked about it nonstop, but he meant online and I meant IRL. The relationship between the two ended up being the whole thing. Community and technology, the power of the internet and the power of a connected humanity. This is the heart of NationBuilder.

Jim, Jesse and I never felt like our branding fully captured this. So our phenomenal design team spent the past year creating what you see now: a logo and branding that elegantly tells our full story. As Jesse says in his blog post: the new NationBuilder logo, with both boldness and simplicity, communicates not only who we’ve become, but also where we’re headed.

The evolution of our brand isn’t just symbolic. For years we’ve been quietly testing ways to build powerful, lasting community at scale. Through unique programming and in-person experiences, we’ve been booting up NationBuilder chapters in cities all over the world. From San Francisco, to Chicago, to Brussels, to Sydney, leaders are meeting to share stories and resources, to equip each other and to have difficult conversations. They’re challenging each other to be better and building relationships that last.

I experienced this firsthand at the women’s conference that launched NationBuilder Los Angeles earlier this year. Just by being there, I became a better leader. But more importantly, I left feeling less alone. In the months that followed, it was that community, those specific women, that showed up to support me. To keep me going when it seemed impossible.  

NationBuilder exists so we all have access to that. I hope you love our new branding as much as we do, and that you’ll join us in your city IRL very soon. 

Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder.

Lea Endres
Co-Founder and CEO

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