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Create settings for all events under a calendar page, and filter for people who RSVP’d, attended, or hosted a specific event.

Events let you engage your community and strengthen relationships. Doing them right takes a lot of work. The more events you host, the more of your time this work takes up. We wanted to make sure you could capture the best data about your event rsvp’ers and attendees, without having to do a whole bunch of repetitive work every time you created an event.

We’ve created calendar-wide event settings to simplify the process of setting up an event in NationBuilder. If you use user-submitted events, or if you’ve got lots of people in your organization creating events, calendar event settings allow you to set the tags, paths, point people, and memberships applied by those event pages once at the calendar level rather than having to do it every time you create an event.

We’ve also added filter criteria so you can search on the specific event someone RSVP’d to, attended, or hosted. This should make it less necessary to use different tags for every event, and instead let you focus on creating calendar level tags that apply to all the events of that type.

Even better, filters will reflect the current RSVP list, rather than all who RSVP’d, ever. This makes these filters particularly useful for reminder and follow-up emails, which you could schedule to be sent as part of your event creation workflow.



Check out a few of the new features:

 Calendar-level event settings

  • Set tags, paths, memberships, and point person assignments for all events created on or moved to a calendar to ensure consistency

  • Allow a user to submit events that have been preconfigured with the settings you chose

  • Can be applied to current events and to new events created under that calendar

 Event-specific filtering

  • Filter on who RSVP’d, attended, or hosted an event based on that action

  • Report on events without having to tag them in advance

  • Accurately capture RSVPs and cancellations

  • Reduce clutter in your tag library

 Disable auto-response email


Learn more about how you can use NationBuilder's calendar page to help manage your events and how they can be used as a tool to scale your impact.


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