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2018 was a landmark year for fourth-quarter giving—on #GivingTuesday alone, total donations reached almost $400 million in the U.S. We’re excited about the opportunity this provides for organizations everywhere to strengthen their relationships with donors and build momentum throughout the new year. Get ahead of your 2019 goals using our two newest features designed to help you increase the volume and efficiency of your fundraising requests and cultivate the sustainable base of support you need for your organization to thrive.

Make the most of first-quarter donations with NationBuilder payments.
By streamlining your fundraising infrastructure, you can focus on what’s most important: building lasting relationships with your people. 
The NationBuilder payment processor unlocks powerful new fundraising features, such as the ability to collect one-time and monthly donations through the same donation page, helping you make the most of your donors’ support throughout the year.

And, because our processing rates are among the lowest on the market, your organization can put more of the money you raise directly toward your cause. Start a NationBuilder payments account and process donations at rates of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction for organizations of all types, and just 2.2% + $.30 for nonprofits.

Smart Fields

Personalize fundraising emails at scale with smart fields.
With our latest email feature, we’re making it even easier to inspire your supporters to take action on an ongoing basis.
Smart fields use dynamic data from your NationBuilder community to help you personalize your email content as you write it. Simply add a field from a dropdown menu, and the data will populate based on what you already know about someone.

You can keep your 2019 fundraising communications as relevant and tailored as possible by personalizing the introduction to your email blast and being specific in your request—for instance, try referencing the last amount someone donated or their year-to-date total directly in your email. Your supporters will be much more likely to react positively if they feel like you really know them and acknowledge the impact they made by giving to your organization the first time.

Stay in touch with specificity.
If at first you don’t succeed in your fundraising asks—and, even if you do—it’s worth your time to ask again for just as much or more. In an aggregate, anonymized data study from our community, we found that roughly 50% of repeat donors donated the same amount in subsequent gifts as they did their first, and nearly 25% donated even more in subsequent contributions than they did in their initial donation. That’s proof positive that it helps to be persistent with your requests and specific in the amounts you ask supporters to donate.

Ready to learn more? Check out our recorded webinars to see NationBuilder’s payment processor and smart fields in action, or hit the ground running by starting a free trial here.

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