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Payment processing with NationBuilder - Demo & Q&A

Payment processing with NationBuilder is here - Join us to see the migration tool that will allow you to upgrade your donation pages to process payments directly in NationBuilder.

Jason Meer, Director of Product, demos starting up a new account, migrating your old donation pages and answers questions.



More about Payment Processing with NationBuilder

Donation Page Converter Instructions 

A few questions that are covered

  • Do 501(c)4s and political parties count for the non-profit rate? - not right now but please email us at [email protected] and we can take a look at your specific case. 

  • Is this only for donations? - We use the word 'donation' but we mean any money via your website, so this will work with any tickets, membership fees, etc. 

  • Can we attach more than one back account? - Yes, you can use the same Stripe credentials and and add separate bank accounts.

  • Can we accept both US and Canadian currency? - Not at the moment. 

  • Can we accept bitcoin? - Not at the moment. 

  • Is there a way to get more information than is provided with the NationBuilder reporting? - Yes, you can email our team if you need more information (such as last 4 digits of a credit card).

  • What if a recurring donor want to change their card? - Right now they will need to cancel and start a new donation.

  • Do we have to transition old accounts off of Stripe? - Yes, you will need to create a new Stripe account, but you can use your same Stripe log-in as before. 

  • Can I transition recurring donations from another platform? - As CVV numbers aren't stored in payment processors the process does sometimes fail, we are gathering interest on official tools to switch recurring donations over from other payment processors, you can let us know at [email protected] if you would be interested. 

  • Do I need to turn off Dropbox to use the convertor? - Yes, you need to disable dropbox to use the converter. 

  • Do I need to use the V2 donation page to use the Payment Processor? - Yes. 

  • My donation page is very customized, what do you recommend? - Set up your V2 page first then do the conversion. 

  • Is there any way to have the monthly option by default? - Yes! You can add ?interval=monthly to the end of your url to default to monthly, then create a redirect from your donation page to the monthly url.