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It's been an incredibly tough year. And helping us get through it are countless peoplefriends, family members, neighbors, loved ones, and total strangerssome who may see themselves as leaders, and many who don't. 

Leadership isn't always visible or recognized, but it's happening all the time. Often from leaders who we won't read about, or who will never show up on the nightly news. Leaders aren't just people in well-known positions; leaders are the people in our lives who make a difference. The people who step up. Who say yes when it really matters. 

And we want to honor, celebrate, and acknowledge them! We want to throw them a (virtual) party. We want to put their faces on billboards. We want to say THANK YOU for helping our families and communities. Every day.

Join us in showering our #everydayleaders with love. Write your thank you and nominate them here. While we can’t write songs or commandeer billboards for all of them, we can for ten! Nominate a leader by December 15th, and they’ll be in the running for some very special thank-you gifts that we’ll get to them over the holiday season. 

We’re excited to celebrate with themand with you!

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