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Gurwin Singh Ahuja, co-founder of We Are Sikhs
Gurwin Singh Ahuja is the co-founder of We Are Sikhs, an advocacy group fighting hate and discrimination through storytelling, education, and compassion.


Some of the most important leaders in our lives will never read their name in an article, receive a fancy award, or see their face on a billboard. They may not even consider themselves leaders. But these #EverydayLeaders are keeping our communities, our neighborhoods, and our families together. They show up, they step up, they keep us going, they make our lives better.

We want to honor and celebrate them. We want to scream their names from rooftops. We want to shower them with goodness. Most importantly, we just want to say thank you.

Congratulations to all the nominees and to our top 2020 #EverydayLeaders:

Crystal Feliciano, Erica Chomksy-Adelson, Ben Lopez, Michelle Tonn, Judy Vaughan, Leah Yuyitung, Kim Batty, Tim Rog, Naima Jefferson, Omoyosola Adenuga, and Pastor Michael A. Walrond, Jr.!