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TRC is an easy-to-use mobile canvassing app with native and web clients that run on all devices. It is geared towards conservative campaigns and the app fully integrates with NationBuilder. With TRC you can pull lists of voters from your nation into the app, in addition to surveys generated on your nation. As field organizers log responses, the data syncs seamlessly with your nation and to survey responses.

How it works:

Train canvassing volunteers in 15 seconds. Volunteers can directly enter canvassing information via an intuitive Grid view or Map view:

Share with an unlimited number of volunteers. TRC supports a hierarchal partitioning scheme, so the field coordinator can quickly share out sections of your list to an unlimited number of volunteers. You can share out by precincts or use geo-fencing to draw out boundaries.

Run reports on canvassing results.  See how individual canvassers did, monitor their walk paths in real-time, and view anomalies.



How to take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Contact [email protected] to setup a TRC account for your race.

Step 2: Create your list and survey questions in your nation.

Step 3: Then visit to import your NationBuilder List and survey into TRC.


Which takes you to this and lets you pick from your NB list & Survey.  


Step 4: This will then email you a link you can use to access your sheet. As volunteers answer questions in TRC, the results are automatically pushed to your NationBuilder survey and tags are populated in NationBuilder.

Contact [email protected] for any questions about TRC or to get a free demo.

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