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Lesson 1The foundations of your campaign

Take the first steps for launching your campaign – calculate your vote goal and get a basic understanding your district. Lay out the timeline that will get you enough votes to win on election day.

  • Introduction 13 comments
  • LE(a)D 3 comments
  • Calculate your vote goal 1 comment
  • Find your supporters 0 comments
  • Understand your district 0 comments
  • Plan your election timeline 0 comments

Lesson 2Engage your supporters

Develop a strong strategy to engage supporters and maximize their efforts. Learn how to share why you are running for office and build momentum for your campaign.

  • Tell your story 0 comments
  • Map your paths of engagement 1 comment
  • Develop your leaders 0 comments

Lesson 3Voters

Lay out a plan to reach and persuade prospective voters. Familiarize yourself with the best ways to target, communicate, and build relationships with your supporters.

  • Conversation types 2 comments
  • Contact methods 0 comments
  • Your targeted universes 0 comments
  • Create your contact plan 0 comments
  • Your digital infrastructure 0 comments
  • Plan your campaign calendar 0 comments
  • Get out the vote 0 comments

Lesson 4Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone to your campaign’s success. Discover how to find them and develop them into the leaders of your campaign.

  • Find your volunteers 0 comments
  • Turn volunteers into leaders 0 comments

Lesson 5Fundraisers

Build a budget and make a plan to raise the funds you’ll need to get you through election day. Find the people who want to contribute to your win and turn them into fundraisers.

  • Establish your fundraising goals 0 comments
  • Engage your donors 0 comments
  • Turn donors into fundraisers 0 comments

Lesson 6Campaign rollout

Finalize your campaign plan. Learn why running for office is the best opportunity for civic engagement  and become a 21st century leader.

  • Your campaign plan 0 comments