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Strategic webinars

Get an in-depth dive into what’s possible with NationBuilder.

Hosted by Ashleigh Bergh, Enterprise Account Manager

Scheduled at: Thursday, Feb 9th 9am PST


Starting to automate emails can feel like an overwhelming task, there are so many moving parts and things to consider. Join us in a webinar where we’ll break down the process and show you the tools available.

We’re including a free downloadable supporter journey planner that will make this easy and you’ll get to see first hand what an automation looks like and deep dive into important settings to consider like conversions and exclusions.  

This webinar is suitable for intermediate/advanced users

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this webinar you'll have an understanding of the following:

  • How to map out an automated supporter journey 
  • How to set up configure an automated supporter journey using automations
  • How to add new audiences to an already running automation NEW multiple source automations
  • How to exclude certain people from an automation
  • How to track supporters through “conversions”
  • Bonus: ActionButton as a source presentation

Hosted by RSVP


February 16, 2023 at 1:00pm - 2pm PT

Join award winning creative agency CodeNation in an engaging 1- hour webinar where they'l be introducing you to the power of SupporterBase, a NationBuilder integrated community organising tool.

Meet SupporterBase - the powerful community organizing tool used by the new wave of Teal Independents that took Australia’s 2022 federal election by storm! 

SupporterBase syncs with your NationBuilder database, pulling through enough data for your volunteers to organise their own local groups via their own comms dashboard. Most importantly, the platform provides role-based oversight, approvals and data access... Spread your organising workload, empower your volunteers and achieve that next level of scale!

Topics covered

  • Why SupporterBase was developed 
  • How SupporterBase integrates with NationBuilder, give example of instances where you’d use NB (e.g state-wide or national comms) and instances where you’d achieve strong results using both NB & SB 
  • Key long-term SupporterBase users and successful political campaigns that have used it 
  • Key SupporterBase functionality
  • The importance of cleaning data in NB, tag libraries and defined group/supporter structures 

After this webinar you will know...

  • How SupporterBase and NationBuilder work together but also how SB is different (more targeted towards local group organising) 
  • SupporterBase’s key functionality
  • How SB can help an organisation engage a community of supporters on an ongoing basis
  • How SB can be used by campaign teams (and how quickly we can help them get things set up)
  • How impactful it can be when you harness technology for distributed organising, making the most of your keen volunteers and people power to scale your activities

Who is this webinar for?

SupporterBase was purpose built to bolster the activities of progressive campaigns and organisations such as those listed at the bottom of this page. If you’re unsure whether SupporterBase will be an appropriate partner for your organisation, we encourage you to visit SupporterBase’s ethical terms of use at this page or contact the friendly SupporterBase team