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We're happy to report that the NationBuilder Donations API now supports write access. We've also added a number of new resources for managing donations. The donations webhooks payload has also been updated to reflect the additions to our REST API.

This expansion opens up possibilities such as using an external donations application, syncing that data back to NationBuilder, and having one record of transactions for compliance.

Webhooks versioning

Some of the updates to donations webhooks mean we're introducing versioning. The donations webhooks documentation has also been updated with information on current and past versions, and the Donations API now has a full description of the payload fields available in the donations webhook

When registering a new webhook, it will be associated with the then-current payload version. If you have an application dependent on past versions of webhooks, you can select our version through a Webhooks API call or in the control panel interface under Settings > Webhooks > Payload version.

If you have any questions about this update, just let me know. You can also use our API Developers Forum to post questions, share sample code, and make suggestions.

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