Multi-choice survey question with checkboxes

At the moment there is no way to get multiple answers from a multi-choice question. And having a yes/no question for every possibility means having a survey over 8 pages long.
Can another question type be added that allows multiple answers, each with their own tag?


This is something that we are considering but do not currently have planned. Stay tuned! 

Currently, you can create a signup page that allows people to select multiple checkboxes and adds a corresponding tag for each box checked. So, the work-around for your request is to create an action chain from the survey.

1. Create the survey with other question types.

2. Create a signup page asking a question where a person can select mulitple answers.

3. In Survey settings > Basics, enter the page slug for the signup page created in step 2 in the area labeled "When finished, what page should they land on next?" and click the "Save settings" button. This creates an action chain between the pages - a supporter is automatically sent to the signup page after completing the survey.

4. You can string several multiple answer questions together by continuing the action chain in the signup page, in Signup settings > Basics, the field says "After signing up, what page should they land on next?" Remember to click the "Save settings" button to save your changes.

We understand that this is not the ideal workflow and we will keep you updated on incorporating the multiple choice answers into surveys.

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