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Using Nationbuilders donation form on Wordpress

Hi I'm working on moving a Nationbuilder site over to Wordpress for the CMS. There is a request to keep the donation form the same, but it looks to me like this is not possible. I think I can use a Wordpress donations integration/plugin and after a donation is taken, send the information to the Nationbuilder API. Is it possible to use the nationbuilder donations for with Wordpress? Or is that a no go?

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There are several approaches to this:

  1. Use WP for the rest of the site and NB for the donation form. The way this would work is that when someone selects a 'donation' button on the WP site they will be redirected to the NB donation form to process the payment.
  2. Use WP for the entire site and build an application that can consume processed donation data from the payment processor and make a request to our donation API to create a record of the transaction.
  3. Redirect from the WP site to a payment processor that integrates with our donation API which will create the record in NationBuilder without you having to build an application as mentioned in (2) above.
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