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Hi Andy,

You can send donation information to the NationBuilder database via the donation API. Here is our documentation about our Donation API here:

However, this donation information must also include the NationBuilder ID for that person. This ID would be used by the system to attach a donation to the correct person in the database. You can use the people endpoint for this: If the donor does not exist in the database already, you’ll want to add them using the Create, Push, or Add endpoints.

Alternatively, the donation page can be linked to the customers Wordpress site as an “action button”. Donors would then be directed to NationBuilder to complete their donation.

Using our native, “After donating, what page should they land on next?” feature, users can be directed back to the WordPress site after they have finished donating.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

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John Moser- This was a typo. It has been corrected.
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Hi Michael-

The blog posts will only alternate after you have:

1.Tagged the blog page, that the posts are nested under, with the “homepage” tag
2. Uploaded an image to the files section of the post.

If you are still not seeing your posts alternate after doing the above, please let us know by emailing a link to your blog page to
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