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There’s a simple workaround to trigger path and path step assignment via our api.   The magic works in creating a survey question for each path and a possible response (survey answer) for each path step you want to assign supporters to as part of your workflow.

For example, take a look at the various steps in the following path: 

To trigger the automatic path assignment, you’ll need to create a single question survey where each response maps to the individual steps in your path. 

Within each possible response you can configure the path step that a user will land on when the relevant survey response is triggered.  This is how you can control for path movement.

Once you’ve got your survey question and path journey aligned, it’s as simple as making the post request for the correct step along the way. 

Here’s an overview of the full flow:

Additionally, keep the following in mind when trying out this solution: 

This solution has the same behavior as if you triggered path movement from a page action like a petition signature, which includes that a user can’t travel backwards on a path, only forward. 

You can use the contacts API to read path ID and path step ID for existing database records as well as the paths API index endpoint to find all the paths and steps in a nation.

Surveys and possible responses are also programmable via the surveys API.

We hope you find this workaround helpful as you navigate optimizing your supporter journey!

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