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Huge demand for people with NationBuilder skills

The infrastructure for communities isn’t just about technology -- it’s about people. Duh!

And we love connecting our customers to people who know how to use NationBuilder well.

That’s why we have three certification programs to identify the folks with the key skills needed to build nations – because one thing I know for certain is that none of us can do it alone. Today, certified organizers, designers, and developers around the world are getting jobs and building huge businesses (!!) to help everyone in the world do the thing they were meant to do.

It’s kind of amazing, and you can be part of it, too. Here are three ways to join the NationBuilder community, right now:

Certified NationBuilder Experts: This isn’t just for consultants. Every organizer should be certified, because it means they have mastered NationBuilder and have a deep understanding of how to bring communities together. It will look great on your resume, it’s free, and only takes an afternoon to complete.


Certified NationBuilder Architects: Designers using NationBuilder don’t spend weeks integrating systems for each new client. They spend their time doing what they love––designing––because everything is already in one place. Less time wrestling with tech means you can offer better service faster, and win more clients.

Certified NationBuilder Developers: You built an amazing app, but is anyone using it? Integrating with NationBuilder opens up a huge new customer base. And if you’re a developer who wants to work with leaders all over the world, getting certified will connect you to clients who can really use your expertise.


If you’re on Linkedin, be sure to add your certification to your profile and add NationBuilder as a skill.  And if you’ve received your certification in the mail, please post a picture of yourself with it on Twitter or Instagram, and tag it with #nationbuilder so we can brag about you!

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