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Leaders can't do it alone. Whether it be an army of volunteers knocking on doors, or a passionate cohort of online donors keeping the fight alive, it takes a community to push the narrative forward. NationBuilder is no different. We rely on a global ecosystem of creative and technology partners to serve our customers in ways we're not able to. This collective of additional capabilities is what helps uplift the work our customers are doing and ensures they  succeed in their organizing efforts. 

That is why we decided to team up with 99designs, the global creative platform that has been connecting design professionals and organizations for over 10 years. With their experience in matching the right creative professional to the right job, and our ecosystem of certified partners who produce beautiful work, it was a natural fit for us to collaborate on this new experience for our customers.


The NationBuilder Professional Marketplace is an end-to-end matchmaking and project management platform, powered by 99designs and its technology built strictly for this purpose. Now NationBuilder customers have a seamless, elegant path for connecting with the best professional for their needs by answering a few simple questions about their project. 

Additionally, the Pro Marketplace provides a highly-collaborative toolset for reviewing mockups, communicating feedback throughout the project, and setting payment milestones to deliver only when work has been completed to satisfaction.

For certified NationBuilder partners, the Pro Marketplace enables direct engagement for aligned projects and maintains a healthy project experience with secured payments, as well as customer support from both 99designs and NationBuilder. For our partners, this new process removes the ill-fitting layers of project vetting, expedites their lead cycles while giving them a hub to manage all of their NationBuilder work.

If your organization needs a hand with its NationBuilder website, an app/integration built, or technology services altogether, feel free to submit your project overview and let us help you find the ideal professional for the role.

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