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Partner opportunities for designers, developers and agencies

Get certified to connect with a community of world changers and work on projects that really matter.


NationBuilder Architects

Grow your design business

Architects are certified NationBuilder designers who both design and implement beautiful custom NationBuilder website themes. These range from political candidates, nonprofits, community businesses to organizations.

Demand for designers is high, so if you are already creating great website designs you should apply to become a NationBuilder Architect. We'll hook you up with a free nation to hone your skills and learn our theming system, which extends HTML with the liquid template language, and CSS with SASS. That means you can use regular HTML and CSS, but you also get some cool plugins, variables, and logic in both. Because NationBuilder unifies a people database with a website, there are virtually unlimited things you can do using liquid to create dynamic people-centered designs.

Once you demonstrate that you can build world class themes in NationBuilder using your sandbox, we'll refer customers to you. It's that simple.

Powerful software to bring your designs to life

  • Completely customizable templates
  • HTML extended by Liquid
  • CSS extended by SASS
  • Integrated rich people database


NationBuilder Developers

Build and distribute apps to the NationBuilder community

Certified NationBuilder Developers are freelancers and agencies from around the world available for hire to build custom apps on the NationBuilder API for our customers. Get certified and receive free referrals to work on projects that really matter.

How do I get certified?

After filling out the form below, view the list of developer exercises, pick your language of choice and complete two of the exercises. Create a Gist from your code, and send it to

How to prepare

Dive into the API documentation to learn how your application can communicate with NationBuilder functionality. The API Explorer is a great place to experiment. The developer forum is a great place for help, hints and questions.

Develop on the only platform for leaders

  • Easy to use RESTful API
  • Sample code in Ruby, PHP, Python and C#
  • Docs and email support for developers
  • Endpoints for pages, people and more


NationBuilder Agencies

Become an end-to-end service provider for our customers

A certified NationBuilder Agency provides full-service capabilities for NationBuilder customers.

Agencies have acquired all of our certifications that indicate a strong proficiency in web design, application development, and NationBuilder product knowledge.

Additionally, Agencies offer strategy, marketing, and data services as a comprehensive suite tailored for any organizational needs.

To become a certified agency, you must have the NationBuilder Architect, Developer, and Expert certifications.

Already have these certifications?

Join hundreds of Architects, Developers & Agencies

“Our clients often have trouble creating a digital presence that connects their mission to their audience and donor base. Combining a web platform, communication tool, and people database into one platform, NationBuilder really shines when you’re rallying a community around your organization and work.”
Ed Wisniewski, Radish Lab

Apply to become a certified NationBuilder partner