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This would be epic, clicking to the profile in order to move a single path to another step is definitely a pain.
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Hey Erika,

As far as I can tell your best option is using the margin method since applying “text-align: center;” seems to be stripped from the wysiwig. Either that, or actually embed it in the page template.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!
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Hey Tiny Homes,

We’re going to need more context than that, could you email with a link to the email where you’re having trouble?

Let me know if you have any additional questions!
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Hey Donald! You’ll actually need to include some more code when you’re requesting the code but you were really close! The correct format would be {% text_field “signup.custom_values.partner_organization", class:“text form-control” }

You can see more info on working with custom fields here:
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Hey Monica,

I’d recommend working with one of our certified NationBuilder architects to heavily customize your website, or you can email our customer support team at to file a request for a quote to our services team for them to work on any modifications you might need.
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Hey Donald,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to save a sorted filter, having said that every time you pull up a filter you can always just hit that sort button again. That might be something that you’d like want to request as a feature at
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