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Ever wanted to quickly find out which petition signers live in which region? Or find your twitter followers who live in a particular representative’s district? Or email your supporters in a specific group of constituencies?

All these things could be difficult, but with NationBuilder they are incredibly simple. We have districts loaded into NationBuilder for France and the UK. And what’s best, our system will add them automatically to your supporter records without you having to do a thing.


How it works

A new supporter comes to your website and takes an action. They enter their details, including their address. NationBuilder automatically plots that data on a map and works out which voting districts they are in. Everyone who has an accurate enough address will have the districts added, whether they come from a manual  import or take an action on your website.



 Address data is added for a record (above) and NationBuilder automatically adds in the voting districts (below).


What can you use it for?

As ever with NationBuilder, you are only really limited by what you can think of. Here are a few great examples of how you could use our voter district data in your campaigning.

Political endorsements - You can use the districts to target your messages more effectively. For example, you could filter for supporters in a particular city where your candidate is endorsed by the local mayor. Emailing those people about your candidate, whether they are running for parliament or for president, from someone they know will increase their engagement. This is a great way for a national campaign to create local communications.

Political lobbying - If you are campaigning for changes in a local council, you could contact your supporters, telling them whether their local councillor is currently supporting your campaign or not. You could ask them to contact them to try to encourage them to back your cause.

To do these, you will need to build filters for your email blast. All the filter options can be found under ‘Voting Districts’. For each type of district, you can search for the exact match, or containing a partial string.  




Combine the voting district data with your normal searches to add an extra element to targeting for your email and phone campaigns.

Where we currently have them:

We have recently added districts for both the UK and France.

In France, we will automatically add data for the following district types:

  • Région

  • Circonscription législative

  • Département

  • Arrondissement (départemental)

  • Commune

  • Arrondissement

  • Canton

In the UK, we will automatically add data for the following district types:

  • EU Parliamentary Constituency

  • Westminster Parliamentary Constituency

  • Scottish/Welsh/London Constituency

  • Council

  • Council ward

  • County

  • County Division

Can you add my country?

We are always looking to improve NationBuilder for our customers, and this is something we can look at. Please bear in mind the following:

  • Your country’s government needs to produce free to use shapefiles.

  • We cannot add them just for one customer, any new districts would be available to all people in that country. This is part of our commitment to continuously make NationBuilder better for our customers globally.


To use Autodistricting, you must have the ‘voters’ feature enabled in your nation. You can turn this on in your nation settings.

If you have any questions, please contact your Community Strategist or email [email protected]

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