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Whether you customize your website with one of our ready-to-use, responsive themes or choose to build a theme yourself, we’re making it more convenient and collaborative to edit, preview and publish your nation’s website themes and custom page templates with Dropbox.

Always in sync

Once your administrator connects a Dropbox account to your nation, you can access and update your nation’s website theme files and custom page templates right from the shared Dropbox folder on your computer - no extra downloading or uploading required. Making changes to files is as easy as loading them up in your favorite text editor. Your files in Dropbox will automatically sync them to your nation’s theme.

Preview your changes

All file changes from your Dropbox folder are loaded into your website’s Preview mode, allowing you to safely view and redesign theme and custom page template files before publishing them live to the world. There’s no caching in Preview mode, so you’ll always see your most recent changes. Once you’re ready and happy with your design, you can publish all your changes to your website at once.

Share and design together

You can easily invite others to work on a website theme with you by sharing folders with Dropbox. Sharing settings are all managed within the connected Dropbox account. And, with Dropbox’s built-in version history, all changes by you and your collaborators are available, so you can always review or revert edits.

Learn how to sync with Dropbox.

The Dropbox integration replaces Theme Sync. Theme Sync will be active until May 31, 2017. We recommend all Theme Sync users to transition to the improved theme development process using Dropbox.

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