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Welcome our newest Experts!

experts-ribbon-new-logo.pngCertified Experts are well-versed in using NationBuilder and possess a unique skill set to help communities organize online. They are qualified to provide consulting services to NationBuilder customers, and eligible for referrals from NationBuilder Organizers.

Last month, we added several new Experts to the lineup:

  • Chris Robinson is a Hill staffer and activist turned digital organizer. Based in DC, Chris has experience working with the Peace Corps and members of Congress.

  • Linda Wu Pagano is the resident expert at BackOfficeThinking, a Pennsylvania based non-profit consulting agency focused on growing medium-large sized non-profits.

  • Imran Moin is using his background in business development and finance to help local musicians and artists build their audience with NationBuilder.

  • Brad Hover is a LA based business professional helping small businesses grow their customer base and operate more efficiently.

  • Garrett Stark is a Tennessee based labor organizer with over ten years of grassroots experience. He's worked with a variety of unions, including SEIU, and also enjoys cross-sectional labor campaigns.

Check out our complete directory to find an Expert who can help your organization with exceptional workflow strategy, website setup, and data management.

Know NationBuilder like the back of your hand? Use your knowledge to consult and manage nations for organizations of all types and sizes—get certified today. 

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