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Election season is here. From local to federal, emerging campaigns have already captured media discourse. It's a time that exhausts some and energizes others, but for me, it’s a time of deep awareness of our collective responsibility to be civically engaged.

I’m continuously inspired, especially at the local level, to see candidates bravely put their hats in the ring to lead. We are witnessing a movement of emergent leadership as more and more people move from the sidelines to the arena to drive the change they want to see for their communities. It’s a movement I stand behind, and a movement NationBuilder was created to support.

Our Run for Office team has been busy updating our free database of elected office information we make available for positions across the country. Once we finish compiling all the municipal level data for positions like city council and mayor, NationBuilder will host the most comprehensive database of elected offices in The United States—which anyone and everyone can use to take their first step into public service.

We are also actively supporting our partners who are building the pipeline of leadership—like VoteRunLead, a non-profit, non-partisan organization working to get more women to run for office and win.

On May 18, VoteRunLead will host a nationwide training in over 20 cities to equip local women with the tools they need to run their campaigns. Step 1, find out what you can run for. Step 2, get trained! We invite you to join a training session in a city near you to learn more about how you can jump in as a candidate, campaign staff, or volunteer.

Most elected officials get their start in local office. We know from our research that women win at the same rate as men, but men file to run at 3x the rate of women. So bottom line: we need to support women in stepping up to take leadership to run our schools, cities, counties, states, and nations.

We're collaborating with our partners at VoteRunLead as they facilitate a multi-city training that will be a catalytic force in this effort to get women into office. The theme of the event is “run as you are” and this is spot-on with what we believe: anyone can step up and lead – right now!

Find out what offices you or people in your network can run for at, and volunteer to help us ensure your region is represented in our data.

Sign up for a free demo to learn how NationBuilder can help you build your campaign’s digital infrastructure. Whether you’re running or helping someone else run for office, we are here to help provide the tools you need.

Help build the future of our communities. Join the movement May 18 with VoteRunLead in a city near you!

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