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If you are organizing essential services or emergency response to COVID-19, activate your free account

Anedot empowers organizers with fundraising tools to accept donations on websites, mobile phones, mobile card readers and Facebook. You can easily customize multi-step and single page donation forms, accept one-time or recurring donations, and personalize designs and thank you messages. All donation data syncs with your nation, including tracking codes. Also, with a single user account, you can manage multiple organizations on Anedot.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Visit Anedot’s site here and signup for an Anedot account. Once you’ve created your account, you will gain access to the Anedot control panel. Here you will find your account settings. Enter your entity name, type and tax ID information here:

 Step 2: Select ‘Integrations’ and choose ‘add’ next to the NationBuilder name and logo:

Step 3: Choose the campaign you want to sync back to NationBuilder and enter your nation slug. Your nation slug is the unique identifier for your nation’s database and always comes before in the URL.

Step 4: Select ‘Save’ and you will be redirected to your nation to enter your login credentials and authenticate Anedot to work with your nation. Donations that enter your Anedot account from here on will sync with your nation. For prior donations to sync with Anedot, select the ‘Push unsent donations’ button on the page you land on after authenticating your nation:

That’s it! As always please keep in mind that for those using a donor path to batch update donors who contribute through Anedot and move them to the next step.

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