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Golden is an easy to use mobile and desktop app that lets you effortlessly onboard and manage volunteers and works seamlessly with your nation. This integration will eliminate all paperwork and manual processes of recruiting, engaging, tracking, and converting volunteers.

You can use Golden to list open and private opportunities and share them with your Nation, your affiliate groups, and/or all other users on Golden. You can see who's coming, what they've done, where they came from and much more. Integrating Golden with your NationBuilder account will automatically push volunteer info to your nation and allow you to track all your volunteers, the sessions they complete, the value of time contributed - all without requiring any manual data entry whatsoever!

Step 1Login to your Golden Professional account or sign up if you are a new user. By confirming your NationBuilder slug you'll automatically be given a 25% discount off the standard rate for the Golden Professional plan.


Step 2:  At this point you should be good to go! To double check your NationBuilder integration, select Settings from the menu at the left, and choose the Integrations tab.


Step 3:  You should see a green checkmark beside NationBuilder.


Step 4: If you do not see a green checkmark beside NationBuilder, press the Integrate button.


Step 5:  Enter your NationBuilder slug.


Step 6:  Your accounts are now connected, and the change should appear in your Golden settings under the Integrations tab. Any existing volunteers who have signed up for your Golden opportunities will be added when you integrate.  Any future volunteers who register for your opportunities will also be added to your nations.

Within NationBuilder you can see volunteers added to your nation from Golden will have the 'volunteer' opt-in flag set.  A tag will also be added indicating that the volunteer is a Golden user.  The tag will be "golden:<your golden organization name>". Additionally, a tag will be added for each opportunity the volunteer registers for with a format of "golden:opportunity:<name of opportunity".

You can view pricing information for Golden and get started using the system on our app directory.

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