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In under a minute, eliminate all paperwork and manual processes of recruiting, engaging, tracking, and converting volunteers. Integrating Golden with your NationBuilder account will automatically update your nation to track your volunteers, the sessions they complete, the value of time contributed - all without requiring any manual data entry whatsoever!


Free plan is available, $25/mo. for standard analytics, $75/mo. for Professional plan that includes comprehensive analytics, multi-user permissions, and NationBuilder integration.


Team Golden ยทย [email protected]

About the app

  • Reduce staffing overhead by posting your volunteer opportunities through Golden's responsive web dashboard. Golden distributes opportunities to volunteer app users or your private affiliates.
  • Target broad or specific volunteers by listing public, private, and semi-private Golden Opportunities.
  • Run instant background checks, including identity, watch list, sex offender, national and county criminal.
  • Automate volunteer registration and scheduling- volunteers can view opportunity details, images, reviews and register instantly through their app.
  • Grow your nation virally- volunteers can invite their friends to your Golden Opportunities via text, email, and social media deep links.
  • Track volunteers frictionlessly- the app automatically tracks who comes and how long they stay. You and the volunteer rate each other 1-5 stars with an optional comment after each opportunity session.
  • 100% accurate reporting with no data entry- Golden shows how many volunteers you reach, engage, the work they do, as well as demographics on where they come from, work, and go to school.