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Lincoln Bot was developed by certified NationBuilder developer Sean Walberg to sync your nation with the team messaging app Slack. Using Lincoln Bot, you can query Slack about the state of your nation. Lincoln Bot lets you search for records in your nation, list upcoming events, provide summary stats of supporters in your nation, and lists new donations and signup records that enter the database.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Start by going to and select ‘Add Lincoln to Slack’. You will be redirected to Slack and asked to authenticate Lincoln Bot. Select ‘Authorize’.


Step 2: Next, navigate to Slack and in your Slack channel @mention Lincoln Bot and invite it to the channel. @mention Lincoln Bot and type register nation_slug. Lincoln Bot will generate a link that authenticates your nation with the bot. Select the link and sign-in to your nation:


Step 3: Now you can navigate to your Slack team and enter the command @lincolnbot help. Lincoln Bot will generate a list of things it can do for you:


Learn more about Lincoln Bot by reviewing the posting on our app directory

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