Donation page variables
Variable Description
contentDisplays content specified in page's admin section
e.g. {{ page.donation.content }}
minimum_amountMinimum donation amount e.g.
amount_goal_formatDonation goal for page formatted (e.g. $12.37) e.g. Amount of money set as the goal for the donation page
has_amount_goal?Checks if page has a donation goal set e.g. {% if page.donation.has_amount_goal? %}
has_met_amount_goal?Checks if the goal has been met e.g. {% if page.donation.has_met_amount_goal? %}
percent_of_amount_goalPercent of amount goal met e.g. {{ page.donation.percent_of_amount_goal }}
donor_goalDonor goal e.g. The number of donors set as the goal for the donation page
show_recent_donor?Checks if the most recent donor should be shown e.g. {% if page.donation.show_recent_donor? %} This variable has been deprecated in favor of {% page.show_stream? %}
has_donor_goal?Checks if page has a donor goal set e.g. {% if page.donation.has_donor_goal? %}
has_met_donor_goal?Checks if page has met the donor goal e.g. {% if page.donation.has_met_donor_goal? %}
percent_of_donor_goalPercentage of donor goal met e.g. {{ page.donation.percent_of_donor_goal }}
donation_frequencyHow often the user will be charged. Returns either 'monthly' or 'one-time' e.g. {{ page.donation.donation_frequency }}
max_installmentsThe maximum number of installment payments a donation is allowed to be broken into e.g. {{ page.donation.max_installments }}
merchant_accountMerchant or bank account e.g.
{{ page.donation.merchant_account.accepted_card_icons }}
amountsArray of default donation amounts
amount_formattedDonation amount explicitly set by an admin e.g. {{ page.donation.amount_formatted }}
form_amount_optionsAmount people are able to donate in e.g.
form_expires_onField for credit card expiration e.g.
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