Erin Downey

Consulting Librarian for Boise K-12 schools. Idaho Library Association Vice President. Reader, techster, DEN Star.


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commented on Page-level permissions
Yes! It would be nice to limit the pages a user could change/edit to a specific part of the site. I have admins and a “contributor” permission level, and use membership to authorize permission to view, but it would be nice to allow editing rights for a very small cross-section of the site.
posted 2017-03-13 13:40:20 -0700

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Support Type: Website

Issue: Hi! I’ve followed the directions for a moderated-content blog (, but I can’t get the submit box to show up on my page. It will do it if I leave the if public code in the template, but it’s just not grabbing the code for the blog submission box.




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posted 2017-03-17 12:14:36 -0700

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