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    Wendy – actually our designer fought this design tooth and nail for exactly that reason. It’s a readability disaster. But for some folks their sites aren’t actually about reading at all, so it doesn’t matter. If you have a lot of text on your site, don’t use Focus.

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    NB actually is structured so that each address is an independent object, except the difference is that we might have 10 address objects all with the exact same address. The address objects aren’t unique.

    The way you’ve structured it makes a lot of sense, to make each address object unique. It will require us to change the way we save and update the addresses, but it will make identifying people who live in the same building, or who live in the same household, much easier. Not to mention it will cut down on the time it takes to geocode and district everyone. And when updating an address, we can make it easy for people to update everyone at that address if they want to. There are quite a few UI and importing changes to make to support this, but it does seem like the right approach.


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    Hi Marjorie… can you give some examples of what you mean by “user-named content types”? It will help me understand what you are suggesting better. Thanks!

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    Thanks Steve, that makes sense. Importing/exporting contact history is on the short list to add.

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    Those fundraising call sheets are supposed to be one-page-per-prospect, but the styling wasn’t coming through properly. That is fixed now.

    We have the ability to make multiple styles, so if you need something else formatting or information-wise on them, let me know.

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    Revolution in Scotland

    The Scottish National Party was down 15 points in the polls to Labour in February when Kirk Torrance approached me about using the still-in-alpha NationBuilder to power a new snp.org website and their plans for a social media fueled campaign. It was up and running in a couple weeks.

    2 months later they beat Labour by 32 seats, securing a majority of the Scottish parliament. 

    We try to stay out of the politics here at NationBuilder because our tools are about enabling democracy regardless of your political beliefs.  We believe there is a new way of campaigning and the SNP's new media team (Kirk TorranceEwan McIntosh and Stephen Noon) absolutely nailed it. They achieved something historic, and we are thrilled to have played a small part in it.

    The SNP was founded 70 years ago to be the national party of Scotland, and on Thursday that dream was realized. Congratulations.

    Read the article in today's Times for how they did it. Full text is after the jump.

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    Nick- It works great in the UK, there are quite a few people using NationBuilder there.

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    FYI, NationBuilder will do automatic conversions to UTF-8 when it can. Many people import with Latin1, which NationBuilder converts seamlessly to UTF-8, and no one knows the difference. But sometimes NationBuilder can’t tell what encoding it’s actually in because the file reports itself one way, but there are characters in there that are not consistent with that format. That’s frequently where the [utf-8 error] messages come in.

    By following the instructions in this post, and just always making sure your files are in UTF-8 format, you won’t ever have any of these problems.

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    Hey Lisa-
    You can do this by setting up a “Redirect” page and putting the URL in of your micro site. Then just be sure to include it in your top nav, etc. It’s not the perfect solution, but it will work.