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Can I embed a youtube video in an email message?

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Take a screenshot of your video with the play button, put it in the email, and link that picture to a page on your website where the video has been embedded. All ISPs will strip your video content out of blast email, so this is the way to do it.

Maps now do clustering, auto-turfing and real-time filtering

It's almost election season, which is an exciting time for us at NationBuilder. Please enjoy these upgrades to map view and the turf cutter this Labor Day weekend!

  • Clustering. When there are too many points on the map to make sense of things, they now cluster together.
  • Auto-turfing. Those clusters? Turn on the turf cutter and they instantly become your default turfs. Want to start from a clean map? Just hit the clear button.
  • Real-time filtering.¬†If you change your filter while cutting, your turfs will dynamically change their counts with no page reload.

Learn more in our map view and turf cutting HOWTO.

new recurring donation function on same page as donation page

deally we would like the option where it is a button on the first donate page -- like this one -- you see you can just click the button then do monthly/quarterly/yearly:

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We recommend you set up a second donation page just for monthly donations, with a specific ask about donating monthly. You can then cross link the pages. "If you would like to make a monthly donation, click here" and vice versa.

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How do I add images to my blog?

Hi i want to give the option to add dynamic images for each blog in the nationalbuilder panel. I have completed the designing part but i didnot find any option to add image for each blog please reply me ASAP. Thanks.

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Here's a link to details on how to add images to a page.

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NationBuilder App

It would be great to have an app for Nationbuilder.  Specifically one that you could ID voters on. 

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There is a NationBuilder app created by another company called Organizer that you could use for doing voter ID.

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You don’t need to use email blasting if you want to do that, just send regular email and put everyone in the to/cc fields. Assuming it’s small groups of 50 or less people, that should work fine.

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