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Tables won't save alignments

For the second time, I am having problems formatting tables. Today when customizing the endorsement page, a few weeks ago when trying to customize a newsletter.

I just need a simple top aligned table, but if I use your WYSIWYG software when I save it, my changes go away. And when I code the HTML, the changes also go away upon saving. (I had this problem when trying to format a newsletter too -- although that time it was column width that kept resetting.)

Help!!! We want our website and materials to look their best.


Official response from

Hello Susan —

As you've discovered, it's not possible to code HTML tables into the WYSIWYG / text editor, as it is designed to strip complex HTML formatting. This is because that editor is designed to be used for editing text, not for coding templates.


You do, however, have total control over your page-level templates from within the 'Template' tab on each page. (See below.) Within that tab, you can edit the HTML of your page directly — adding whatever code you'd like. Once you're comfortable with your changes, click "Save and Publish" and they'll be reflected on your public-facing website.

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