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5 Powerful Strategies to Inspire Your Community into Action

January 01, 2023
3 min read

Creating a successful online presence for your organization is crucial in today's digital age. Discover the power of NationBuilder—a dynamic platform that empowers you to build websites, manage contacts, set goals, and engage your audience effectively. 

Leaders need a solution for individuals and organizations aiming to lead, engage, and mobilize their community of supporters at scale. Unlock the full potential of community organizing with NationBuilder’s trailblazing community management features, and discover a few strategies to effectively inspire and empower your community to take impactful action.

1. Create and share petitions

Petitions are a dynamic method to rally support and raise awareness for your cause. NationBuilder makes it simple for you to create compelling petitions that resonate with your audience.

 Quick tip: Harness the power of social sharing prompts where you can encourage supporters to spread the word with their contacts. Recruiter links automatically enable you to watch as your list of engaged supporters grow as they take action! 

2. Create a Contact your Lawmaker(s) button

With the support of features from NationBuilder add-on ActionButton, your organization gains a powerful advocacy tool that empowers supporters to connect effortlessly with their local representatives through various channels such as email, phone, and social media.

The automated detection of representatives based on IP addresses and the inclusion of prewritten emails further streamlines the process, ensuring that your supporters' voices are heard loud and clear. Your organization can effectively mobilize supporters and foster an influential relationship with policymakers, ultimately advancing your mission and driving tangible change in your community.

 Quick Tip: Unleash the power of a two-step button: Captivate your supporter’s attention and inspire meaningful civic participation with a compelling quiz or poll button, leading them on an engaging journey before unveiling the ultimate call to action—Contact Your Lawmaker(s).

3. Create and share events

Allow your supporters to self-organize within their community and keep building on the momentum you've worked hard to create. With NationBuilder, you can host events for community events, parties, etc. You're able to accept RSVPs, sell tickets, track attendance, host virtual events, and more. Plus, you can display all events in your nation on a calendar page.

 Quick Tip: After you have created your event page, it is time to share the page with your supporters. You could send an email blast, or easily create an automated workflow series that will send emails to supporters who have yet to RSVP to the event.

4. Automate your process

Speaking of automating workflows...

Build relationships with your supporters without creating more work for you and your team. Streamline communication and manage unique supporter journeys at scale with automated email series. Supporters can be sent communications automatically when they take an action on a specific website page.

Automation is the key to efficiency and scalability. With NationBuilder, you can automate various processes using page-based, list-based, or multiple-source automations. Whether it's capturing signups, managing donations, or tracking event participation, automation streamlines your workflow and ensures no supporter falls through the cracks.

 Quick tip: Begin your automation journey with automated welcome and thank you series, fostering connections with new supporters and showing appreciation for considerate donations.

5. Use Social Capital to engage supporters

Social capital can be a powerful tool used internally or externally to engage your supporters, encourage activity, and create clarity for your team. Measure the effort a supporter devotes to achieving your goals, as well as the effort needed to build the relationship with that supporter.

It can be used to:

  • Award capital for actions you want to encourage
  • Deduct capital for actions you wish to deter
  • Manage the resources spent on building relationships
  • Identify and empower leaders
  • Measure supporter engagement 

 Quick tip: Fuel friendly competition and motivate supporters by creating a leaderboard to track progress towards your goals. Identify top supporters and award capital for actions like link sharing, signups, donations, and more.

The key to driving meaningful change lies in empowering leaders to take action. With NationBuilder's innovative tools and limitless potential, you can pave the way for a brighter future of transformative progress. So why wait? Start building a powerful movement today and unleash the full potential of your vision for change. 

Erica Rissi

Erica Rissi

Hi, I'm Erica! 👋🏼 I am NationBuilder's Community Manager! I work towards building, growing, and managing NationBuilder’s online communities. Keep up with me by following NationBuilder across our various social media platforms 🎉

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