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Raise awareness on the issues you care about.

Whether increasing awareness about the issues you care about, driving legislative outreach around critical policy, or engaging voters to support crucial causes—ActionButton puts the power of action in your hands.

Create an ActionButton

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Legislative Actions

Change the minds of lawmakers

Empower advocates to send emails, phone calls, tweets and faxes to lawmakers in the US, UK and Canada.


The software advocacy programs need to drive change

Save Time

Get started in just a few clicks

Raise awareness and gather insights on causes you care about with readymade action templates from quizzes to petitions and more. Easily share buttons across social media or embed them on your website to inspire your community to take action. Get cumulative insights on the issues your audience cares about and quickly acquire new advocates to grow your community.

Create Awareness

Understand your advocates

Find out how your community feels about important issues with sentiment polls, dials and quizzes. Build awareness about the advocacy issues that matter most to your organization.

Save time, unlock growth, and increase impact with an all-in-one system

Issue awareness

Understand and gather sentiment across your community on the issues that matter most to your organization.

Contact your lawmaker

Make it easy for your community to contact lawmakers on important issues.

Power up your data

Equip your team to contact the right people with NationBuilder filtering tools.

Email automation

Take the manual work out of relationship building. Send automatic emails based on actions 
your supporters take.

Social share

Simplify the actions you need your 
community to take with seamless social 
sharing for all actions.

And much, much more...

NationBuilder integration

Automatically bring all of your advocate data into your nation, embed any ActionButton into your NationBuilder website and trigger email automations based on dynamic actions taken.

Lobby decision makers

Create custom target audiences–great for targeting company or school boards, CEOs, select committees, newspaper editors – literally anyone–to move the needle on the issues you care most about.

Action analytics

Understand the effectiveness of your advocacy campaigns with goals and measurable data insights using filters, engagement and contact history to help you reward your top advocates.

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