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Film & Campaign paves the way for organizing in the arts

Documentary storytellers harness NationBuilder’s infrastructure to transform impact documentaries into box office successes. Read more about how Film & Campaign is able to revolutionize advocacy by mobilizing committed communities.

In 2022, Film & Campaign started working on a new impact campaign, The Oil Machine. This film explores the economic, historical and emotional entanglement with oil by looking at the conflicting imperatives around North Sea oil. In the aftermath of the worldwide health crisis of 2020, the prospect of people returning to the cinema for in-person screenings had become more attainable. However, the attendance levels were not as high as they were prior to the pandemic. As a result, they opted to experiment with a new strategy.

Starting from scratch, Film & Campaign created a nation for their client with a goal to reach an engaged audience within the United Kingdom. With the support of an active community, they would be able to streamline the viewing of the film while supporting The Oil Machine’s call to action with unlimited resources. They wanted to change the way audience members experienced advocacy by offering experiences with expert speakers, live streamed film events, website resources with educational articles and links to active grassroots organizations near their events.

With the support of NationBuilder’s all-in-one software, Film & Campaign utilized their data to enable community-led events. They assembled active communities by connecting their engaged supporters to local community-led event screenings with geo-locating tools. Leveraging NationBuilder’s map and filter feature within their activated people database, they found expert speakers already engaged in their mission and enlisted them to participate in live Q&A sessions after the viewing of their screenings.

“It would not just be a film screening but this one off, not to be missed, event where you have these great speakers–from climate experts to politicians to young activists to oil workers to members of the Fire Brigade Union. When a screening had speakers like that, alongside a strong community partnership, we saw 6x the number of people attending these events over our screening only events.”

- Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign Director

NationBuilder software is designed to engage supporting communities by providing tools for organizing, mobilizing, and communicating with supporters. It includes a customer relationship management (CRM) system that enables organizations to manage their supporter databases, track interactions with supporters, and send personalized messages. With the help of NationBuilder’s Content Management System (CMS), organizations can easily build and nurture relationships with their supporters, encouraging ongoing engagement and support for their cause or campaign. 

“What I value about NationBuilder at its core, is everything in one place. You’re not using spreadsheets and 10 other apps. Right now, I can reliably look at someone’s record and know all of the correspondence our team has had with them and how they’ve interacted in all these little touch points, all in one place.”

- Rachel Caplan, Film & Campaign Impact Producer

Ben and Rachel were thrilled to announce that Film & Campaign had enabled their client to obtain further funding to expand The Oil Machine's reach beyond the UK to an international audience. In addition to the expansion of their existing campaign and engaged community, they were excited to commence their Alliance partnership with NationBuilder. This collaboration would enable Film & Campaign to build up an audience database across projects rather than having to start from scratch again with the next one. 

NationBuilders works with partners like Film & Campaign to help agencies and consultants build, grow and organize with NationBuilder at the center. There are an array of programs to help fit in with a partner's business, whether that's through reseller programs, referral and revenue share programs or becoming a certified NationBuilder professional in order to work directly with our end customers.

Explore some of Film & Campaign’s impact campaigns and NationBuilder websites and sign up for a consultation on how they can help you build your nation.

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