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We Welcome organizes for human dignity in refugee legislation

We Welcome uses NationBuilder to build community and impact policy decisions for immigrants and refugees across the US.


  • 6,072
  • SMS Subscribers
  • 127K
  • Email Subscribers
  • 11,515
  • Petitions Signed


We Welcome is a Christian organization that works together with participating community members across the United States to ignite positive reform and safety for immigrants and refugees. Their main focus is to respect the dignity of the humans affected by legislation and to activate their base of supporters to speak up for the marginalized in refugee and immigrant communities.

This organization is led by eleven trailblazing women who utilize NationBuilder’s platform to engage their online community with education on how to have a voice in grassroots movements with various ways to get involved- on both a state level scale and nationally! 

“Our goal with NationBuilder was to be able to effectively communicate with the people in our community. Because we are completely online, most of our contacts come through social media and so the big challenge is to figure out how we transfer the people who follow and like our content into people who are truly engaged in an activated movement.” - Sheila, We Welcome Grassroots Advocacy Director 

Two of their most recent campaigns have been to organize the strengthening of refugee resettlement and provide more funding to welcome more refugees. With competition for attention on various platforms, the team set out to find an innovative route to connect with and activate their supporters.

With NationBuilder’s people centric CRM, We Welcome was able to turn digital media into an essential part of their nation’s success. From the newly connected and incoming data, the team set up various NationBuilder tags to differentiate and log when and how supporters were taking action. The tags were then put into different filters to create targeted lists for email blasts and SMS chains to activate an invested community in their grassroots movements including petitions and calls to representatives. We Welcome specifically saw an incredible level of engagement after recently trialing the SMS 1:1 feature. They found supporters were empowered when able to respond to calls to action and connect in dialogue with the experts leading the charge.

“Social media is great for making an initial contact, but if you really want people to follow up and take an action, our email and SMS is far more impactful. NationBuilder has enabled us to reach more people, actually foster community and keep ongoing communication with people who are also passionate about our mission.” - Sheila, We Welcome Grassroots Advocacy Director 

Acknowledging the impact of your supporters and meeting them where they’re at is paramount to building a successful grassroots movement. This strategy activated 127,744 opted in email supporters historically and 6,072 SMS text receivers as of May 2022. All of their communication paid off when the signing of 11,515 petitions sealed the deal to one of their largest pushes of advocacy, to heighten the refugee ceiling, was successfully signed into effect. 

We Welcome is just one of many advocacy organizations that leverages the power of NationBuilder’s CRM database to optimize operations, grow communities, and their supporters. Whether you're a business, nonprofit or somewhere in between– Join a live demo any Tuesday or Thursday at 11AM PST to learn how to set up your organization's digital infrastructure with NationBuilder.

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