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How ToolBox is changing the nonprofit landscape with the power of affordable technology

How a part-time team of four set out to find an accessible member management tool to expand their human connection initiative across Belgium.

A Belgian not-for-profit organization set out to become a one-of-a-kind solution to connect small purpose organizations with pro bono professionals for unique advancements of their organizations. With a small team of four, this team was in need of a system that could save them time, energy, and provide them with tools that could lead their organization to growth!

Project Oxygen started out as ToolBox’s year-long project to get their staff organized and transferred to a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. They needed a membership hub that could manually intake volunteer information, move their activated community to connection, and expand their efforts without being limited financially. 

“We want to provide our organization with the oxygen it needs to grow. We prepared a roadmap of how to approach this as a small team of four part-time coordinators. When we made our checklist of requirements, NationBuilder popped out with the combining of several tools.” - Dirk, ToolBox Coordinator

NationBuilder’s all-in-one integrated management system puts people at the forefront of supporter relationships. ToolBox collaborated with La Source Vive, a small French NationBuilder Architect, to create a website and membership portal that magnified their human centered mission. With La Source Vive's dedicated and flexible team of support, ToolBox became efficient in navigating the NationBuilder infrastructure and was finally ready to support their nonprofit with the final stages of Project Oxygen. 

By leveraging the dynamic integration capabilities of NationBuilder, the small team was able to capture the best possible picture of who their supporters are and what projects they're interested in pursuing. With their newly created volunteer hub, their team is now able to connect professionals with nonprofit job listings for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. This perfectly crafted hotspot made it possible to...

  • Grow the ToolBox community to 100 member organizations

  • Empower 200 volunteer professionals

  • Engage 150 projects for nonprofits

“We thought NationBuilder was only for huge corporations but that’s not true. It offers so much for small teams - even with people with very low contact lists & events, etc. It’s for everyone! Our oxygen project came to an end and now we’re able to focus on helping as many small organizations in Belgium as we can.” -  Dirk, ToolBox Coordinator

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