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One of the coolest things we've witnessed within the NationBuilder ecosystem is the growth of companies - not just in size or experience, but in the expansion of services offered as well. Seeing Architects build unique and highly needed app integrations with the API, app partners who branch into web design, or firms that double down on what they do extremely well with a wider audience is a testament to how clever this community really is.  

It's an experience we're sharing with you. As our customer base expands and bigger projects come into fruition, we're learning as we go. Learning what our customers' major pain points are, the resources that need to be allocated, where the division of labor occurs, etc. Lots of moving pieces.

As many of you can attest to, these larger projects often involve numerous parties. There might be a couple of agencies handling just the design. Another might be handling the development or marketing. There could even be a dozen different companies overseeing a single campaign. This can get messy - especially when companies are welcomed to NationBuilder for the first time. 


These recurring scenarios had us thinking, "what if we introduce a one-stop shop that can handle the full breadth of items instead of this distributed game of telephone?". It's particularly important when platform experience drives feasibility of objectives, and the customer's thinking is still fluid enough to where new strategies presented can be impactful. 

Enter: certified Agencies. Agencies are the culmination of NationBuilder certifications - ExpertArchitect, and Developer - plus at least one written case study of a NationBuilder project. However, it's much more than a trifecta achievement or proverbial trophy. This certification ensures our customers are working with the best firm for the job and gives you the tools needed to prove them right.

Certified Agencies are capable of designing world-class custom themes, complex theme implementation, API development, marketing efforts, strategy execution, and everything in between. Agencies, in return, collaborate with NationBuilder on the largest projects using the platform. Together we provide organizations with the best and most comprehensive community organizing solution ever. 

Learn more about the requirements, benefits, and how to apply here

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