In just two weeks time, the UK will be voting on whether to leave the EU or remain a member. It is the first time the UK has voted on it’s membership of the EU in a generation. In 1975, the UK voted to remain a member of what was then the European Community.

Across the UK, campaigners from all sides of the political spectrum are busy trying to secure votes in the referendum, and many are using NationBuilder. We wanted to showcase the great campaigning and organising work they are doing.

Official campaigns

The referendum has an official campaign on either side - Vote Leave and Stronger In. Both sides are building campaigns built around mobilising their supporters to spread the word. Their websites are designed to drive action, whether that is attending events or spreading the word on social media.


Vote Leave 

Vote Leave is the official campaign encouraging the electorate to vote to leave the EU. They have been campaigning with NationBuilder from the start of their campaign last autumn. 

They have used a website design which focusses on gathering new supporter sign ups. They've also used events pages with great affect.

Learn about setting up events on NationBuilder.


You can see Vote Leave’s website here.


Stronger In

Stronger In is the official campaign encouraging the electorate to vote to remain a member of the EU. They have been using NationBuilder to grow their campaign.

Their website has focussed on spreading their message on social media, using recruiter links to track where new supporters come from. 

Learn about social media recruitment with NationBuilder.



You can see Stronger In’s website here.


Party campaigns

Most of the UK political parties are involved in the referendum, and many are running their campaigns on NationBuilder. These differ from the official campaigns, which are cross party. These parties are working to get their supporters to campaign and vote in the referendum.


Conservatives IN



Lib Dems


Plaid Cymru




Learn more about using NationBuilder for political campaigns.

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