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Stephanie Singer, the data scientist who took on corrupt elections in Philly, says, “I was running because I had a mission of free, fair elections and an informed, engaged electorate and I kept bumping up against this office,” she says. “It became clear that the best way to move my mission forward was to actually be in that office. So, that really set up the campaign rhetorically and emotionally.”

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Daniel Deriso, Field and Operations Director for Randall Woodfin, says, “We did it because we actually went and talked to [voters] or made phone calls and got them engaged. 8,500 out of the 11,500 [first-time municipal voters] had a face-to-face interaction. So a big takeaway that I have from this campaign is: actually engage people face-to-face, especially unlikely voters, because that’s how you get them out to vote.”

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Andy Millard chose NationBuilder early on because it was “cheaper, more effective, and more complete” than the alternatives; moreover, he thought its “technology just seemed to be several generations ahead” of the party’s first choice.

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