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Lots happening in the land where nations are built...

Mobile themeMobile themes are here!  Well, only one is here so far, but it's hot (thank Jesse). It's simple to clone and make your own custom theme just like you would with the site theme.  Mobile themes will not be turned on automatically, you need to go into Pages > Theme > Mobile to flip it on.  

Update June 2015: All NationBuilder public themes are responsive. Themes no longer have a separate mobile area, since it is built into the fabric of how websites work.

Share themes privately with other nations (especially useful for designers who are working with multiple clients), or make your theme public and available to everyone.  This is a great way to contribute to the community, show off your NationBuilder design skills, and score new clients. Manage sharing from the theme's settings page.

Recurring paid memberships. A much requested feature, you can now charge people for membership on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever-you-want basis.  This requires Paypal right now, but even if you are using another payment processor already, the control panel will walk you through setting up Paypal step by step. Go into Settings > Bank Accounts

Update June 2015: The memberships feature was expanded, allowing both paid and unpaid memberships.

Major performance improvements. Traffic has skyrocketed this fall, so we've put a great deal of effort into speeding the site up and adding capacity. Dan and Jacob have led this, cutting page load times in half, then cutting them in half again. Amazing job, with more to come.

Searchable documentation. You probably already noticed this in the control panel, but we've added a search box (powered by Google) to the footer making it easy to search the FAQ and all the questions and suggestions posted by others.  Please add your own questions so we can continue building up the community knowledge base.

And finally... We don't tend to draw attention to all the little things, but since we launched 6 months ago, we've made over 2000 small tweaks, usability improvements, and bug fixes all based on your feedback and how you use NationBuilder.  Thanks for making it all possible.


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