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NationBuilder websites are about people taking action—signing a petitiondonating to a crowdfunding campaign, or volunteering. And it's important for people to be able to do those things anywhere, whether they are waiting for the subway or waiting for a footlong at Subway.

Responsive themes make that possible because your website automatically adjusts to fit the size of any device, whether it’s a desktop, iPad, or smartphone. For the last six months, our team has been designing new v2 responsive themes, and beginning today, we will be removing all v1 themes from the gallery—unless you are already using one. Custom themes will not be affected at all.

So, check out our full suite of responsive themes, including two beautiful additions designed for visual creators and writers.

Headliner is ideal for showcasing visual media. With an oversized image slider, Headliner puts your photos and video on center stage, and embedding your content is super easy. It also features an animated sidebar and an event calendar perfect for anyone hitting the road. Check out the demo site.


Publish, a theme designed by our friends at cStreet, features unique typography, colors, and design details that will make your written content stand out. See what’s possible on the demo site.


You can view the entire selection of v2 themes in our stock theme gallery.

Currently using a v1 theme? Don’t worry! Your site will not be affected. If you have additional questions about the transition, contact your organizer.

P.S. For some impressive design inspiration, check out Blueprints—a place for NationBuilder Architects to showcase their latest designs.

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