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We made a few big (and exciting!) changes to how memberships work. Key features of the free Member addon include:  

  • Multiple memberships per person (highly requested)
  • Both free and paid membership types
  • Automatic monthly renewals
  • Unlimited membership pages
  • Better automated email management: customizable reminders to renew, etc.
  • Members-only access to portions of your website
  • Give memberships automatically on any kind of page - including event RSVPs, petition signers, and endorsements
  • Import membership information from other systems

In addition, you’ll leverage core NationBuilder features like mapping and automatically syncing to Facebook and Twitter accounts. This makes it easy to personally engage with your members and identify the leaders you can ask to be more involved. Check out the Memberships HOWTO for more details.

There are a lot of ways to use the new Member addon -- here are a few to get your wheels spinning:

  • Monthly paid memberships: create a Donation page, check monthly payment, and set the membership expiration date to never.
  • Annual dues for your club: create a Donation page, check one-time payment, and set the membership expiration date to one year. You can customize the automatic renewal reminder they’ll receive when it is about to expire.
  • Free membership for one year: create a Signup page and set the membership expiration to one year.

If you are currently using the old paid membership pages, read the HOWTO for information about upgrading or contact your organizer.

If you’re not using memberships yet, now is the perfect time to start. The Member addon is included with your NationBuilder subscription at no extra charge, you just need an admin of your nation to turn it on under Settings > Billing & addons. And if you’ve got an old membership database laying around, we can help you migrate it for free.

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