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I've been talking to customers for years and experimenting with different, simple ways to make email blasts a little easier with NationBuilder—without having to be a coder! 

I'm a firm believer that you don't need to know how to code to use NationBuilder, and I'm on a personal mission to make things simpler for everyone, no matter what level of technology you're most comfortable with. 

I've recently written some quick overviews: 


Here are some one offs that I've learned! 

  • You can adjust a table to have columns that are small between the columns that you have content in to create extra padding (like this but with 0 border so you won't see the boarders)
  • The bold line that I used in my emails was an image but I could also achieve this with a one cell table and a background color (like this - gorgeous!) 


Stay tuned, because I'll be adding new pieces here as I create more. 

Any requests? Please let me know—you can comment here or email me directly at

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